The DePaoli Taylor LabComplications in Pregnancy

Awards and Funding


    External Research Grant Funding

    07/19-06/24 1R01AI141501-01A1 NIH/NIAID
    “Immune activating syncytiotrophoblast microvesicles and danger associated molecular patterns in preeclampsia risk”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    03/20-02/24 1R01AI143653-01A1 NIH/NIAID
    “Evaluating the intersection between sexually transmitted infections, inflammation and reproductive success”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor

    Training Grants

    09/21-04/25 2 K12 HD052023-16– NIH/NICHD
    “UTMB Women's Health Research Scholars Program” – Institutional Research Career Development Award (BIRCWH)
    PI/PD: Abbey Berenson
    Resource Director: Brandie DePaoli Taylor


    Completed External Grants

    NCE 5/20-5/21
    1R21AI140178-01 NIH/NIAID
    “Evaluation of Novel Interferon Epsilon across Human Pregnancy”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    03/16-03/19 1R01HD084532-01A1 NIH/NICHD
    “Profiling placental & placental membrane physiologic signature during pregnancy in maternal liquid biopsies”
    PI: Ramkumar Menon;
    Co-I: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    04/17-03/19 1 R40MC307600100 HRSA
    “Pathways from Early Substance Use to Health Disparities in STIs: A Multilevel Approach”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    06/15-09/18 T76MC28441 HRSA        
    “Maternal and Child Health Public Health Training Program”
    PI/PD: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    09/15-08/18 Discovery Foundation
    “The role of early pregnancy serum markers of cellular damage, innate immune signaling and angiogenesis in preeclampsia”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    08/15-08/17 5R33A1098660-06 NIH/NIAID
    “Identifying biomarkers and genetic risk factors predictive of reproductive sequelae”
    PI: Toni Darville;
    Co-I: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    07/14-08/16 American Sexually Transmitted Disease Association
    “Host genetic susceptibility to chlamydia-associated reproductive morbidity”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor
    09/14-08/18 2 L50 HD077569-04 NIH LRP-CIR
    “Identification of host genetic variants in tubal pathology following Chlamydia trachomatis infection”
    PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor

    Institutional Grants

    06/15-05/16 REDI Grant Texas A&M University SPH
    “Early Pregnancy Serum Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Preeclampsia”
    Award: $24,000; PI: Taylor
    09/14-08/15 Texas Census Research Data Center Small Grant
    “Identification of population level variables associated with adverse reproductive and pregnancy outcomes” Award: $4500; PI: Taylor
    Texas A&M University and the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia
    “Identification of Mycoplasma genitalium and its correlates in Mexican women”
    Award: $24,000; PIs: Taylor, Guerra

    Other Contributions to Research Projects

    09/19-08/20 Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    HRSA under cooperative agreement #U1CRH30040
    “Trends in Preterm Birth by Rural Status”
    PI: Perez-Patron Role: B. Taylor Consultant
    09/18-08/19 Southwest Rural Health Research Center
    HRSA under cooperative agreement #U1CRH30040
    “Rural Versus Urban Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence”
    PI: Perez-Patron Role: B. Taylor Consultant

    Dr. Brandie DePaoli Taylor joins the American Journal of Epidemiology as an Associate Editor

    Dr. Brandie DePaoli Taylor was awarded the University of Pittsburgh: 2020 Pitt Public Health Alumni Award for Early Career Excellence:

    Dr. Ashley Hill & Dr. Brandie DePaoli Taylor: American Public Health Association Sexual and Reproductive Health Section Poster Award. Senior author on “Identifying syndemics for sexually transmitted infections among young adults in the United States: A latent class analysis.”