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Behavioral Health and Research

Director: Jeff Temple PhD

We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and public and mental health professionals dedicated to:

  • conducting funded research on the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of adolescent and women’s health across the lifespan
  • providing comprehensive and integrative psychological services to women
  • training the next generation of health care professionals in incorporating evidenced-based psychological principles in translational research and patient care
  • developing and implementing evidence-based prevention programs, particularly those that promote healthy relationships and decrease risk behaviors

BHAR research projects involve longitudinal studies on the risk and protective factors of teen dating violence, school-based youth violence and healthy relationship interventions, social media and texting interventions, adolescent obesity and disordered eating, mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression, sleep interventions, psychological well-being pre-post hysterectomy, sleep in pre and post-acute hospital stay in aging patients, and bedrest study of aging participants.

We actively partner with national, regional, state, and local organizations, including schools, school districts, community and regional mental health agencies, the Texas Council of Family Violence, Houston Area Women’s Center, as well as city and county health departments.

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OBGYN Providers

Temple, Jeff

Jeff Temple PhD
Director of Women's Behavioral Health and Research
Director of Center for Violence Prevention

X Wood, Leila

Leila Wood PhD 
Associate Professor