What is OLLI? Learning for the love of learning!

Our Mission

To provide a welcoming environment for all those 55 or over through a collaborative program, in semester-length, college level courses. Curriculum is designed by learners to meet specialized interests, capitalize on unique regional resources and environment, and utilize local experts for faculty.


  • Most courses meet once a week for two hours and last for eight weeks
  • All classes are held in daytime
  • Class size ranges from 15 to 150 learners
  • Some learners enroll in 3, 4, 5, or more courses
  • Generally 2 semesters per year - in spring and fall with special Summer School
  • New courses each semester join enduringly popular courses
  • Summer School held since 2005!
  • 2-hour seminars led by local experts

Special Events and Presentations

  • College-level curriculum, taught by experts,
  • for those 55 and over
  • No credits, exams, grades, or homework
  • No previous education required

Extraordinary lectures, seminars, and field trips each semester enhance regularly scheduled classes. Learners and their guests have welcomed internationally acclaimed speakers such as Demetria Martinez novelist, poet, spiritual activist; best-selling authors Steven Pratt, MD and Larry Dossey, MD, respected advocate of mind/body medicine and spirituality in healthcare.

Meet the Learners Participating for the love of learning

Hundreds of registrants each semester from:
  • Diverse cultures and creeds, national origins, socio-economic groups, and levels of formal education
  • Men and women from Galveston, Houston, Katy, Clear Lake, Alvin, LaPorte, and far beyond