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Training Resources

Learn about the physical principles of microscopy, microscope components such as objectives, detectors, light sources and more, and also, biological microscopy methods:

Olympus Microscopy Resource Center
Zeiss Microscopy Center
Nikon MicroscopyU

Immunocytochemistry protocols for cultured cells:

Abcam Immunocytochemistry protocols
ThermoFisher Immunocytochemistry protocols

Immunohistochemistry protocols for tissue samples for fluorescence and brightfield microscopies:

Abcam Immunohistochemistry protocols
ThermoFisher Immunohistochemistry protocols

Spectra viewer to help you choose an optimal combination of fluorophores for your experiment:

ThermoFisher Spectra Viewer
Chroma Spectra Viewer

The Molecular Probes Handbook: a handy guide to chemical fluorescent probes (commercially available) to study cell/tissue physiology and morphology.