Musculoskeletal Injuries

Sharon Sanchez, MD; Tamantha Arlata, MD; Saima Arshad, MD; Sarah Cheng, MD; Andrea Saunders, MD

Musculoskeletal injury is one of the most common reasons for visiting a pediatric urgent care setting. Accidental injuries occur frequently during recreational play for toddlers and early school-aged children and more commonly during organized sports for older children. As organized sports participation increases for younger children, the prevalence of musculoskeletal-related injuries from athletic participation is shifting downward for age.

This chapter outlines common injuries, evaluations, and management strategies for pediatric patients, including children and adolescents. It is important to understand that bone structure, musculature, and joint stability differ between the pediatric and adult populations. While most pediatric musculoskeletal injuries can be managed by pediatric primary/urgent care providers, having a collaborative relationship with the orthopedic specialists is advantageous.