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Physician Healer Scholarly Concentration


imagee by lev dolgachov from photospin image by lev dolgachov from phtot spinThe Physician Healer Scholarly Concentration has been tremendously popular with enrollment exceeding 25% of the class for our most recent class. The need for resources to support our students has also increased and we currently need to limit enrollment until more administrative, financial and faculty resources are identified. Our program has run completely on philanthropic donations to date, and we have been incredibly fortunate to receive the support to allow growth from 26 students in our 2013 entering class to 268 total students in 2018-2019. The cost per student in this Scholarly Concentration is just over $1,000 for their four years in the program and support has come from many small to moderate donations.

We are grateful for any donations, whether the sponsoring of students, the purchasing of books, the sponsoring of our weekend retreats in the first and fourth years, meals for a month for all students, or a graduation dinner.

We have clear goals for growth starting with identifying resources for administrative support, continued faculty development (to meet the student interest) and clear dreams of a Center for Healing at UTMB to train interdisciplinary students, faculty, staff, and support patients. If you are interested in learning more or in supporting the expansion of our work, please contact Dr. Cara Geary or Mr. Kevin Haslam.

Cara Geary, MD, PhD
Director Physician Scholarly Concentration
Department of Pediatrics,
Division of Neonatology
Office:  409-772-2815
email:  cageary@utmb.edu

Rena L. Lidstone
Sr. Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Office: Suite 5.122-Rebecca Sealy Building
Office: 409.772.5714
Fax: 409.747.3350