Cherra Wehe

Faculty Recruitment Specialist | (409) 266-1671

Cherra Wehe joined the Provost’s Office in June 2021 as a Faculty Recruitment Specialist.  She works with her team to assist in facilitating the onboarding of faculty, non-teaching, and GME residents. Cherra prides herself on her outstanding customer service and ability to create positive relationships with those she works with. 

Before joining the Provost’s Office in 2021, Cherra worked for Health Care Systems Staffing as a contract employee in UTMB HR. Cherra holds a degree in marketing from Southwest Texas State University. She worked for 10 years as a special education teacher, specializing in students with behavioral issues.  She also has extensive experience in marketing, sales and design. 

Cherra, a native Texan, loves to travel with her husband Tom and spend time with her son, daughter and two bonus sons.  She enjoys reading, DIY projects, crafts and games.