Effective 9/1/19

Commitments Policy - Academic Enterprise

Annual Review of all commitments will take place as part of the annual budget preparation process. The Chair, faculty, and administrator will review and sign off on the current year’s remaining balance and projected balance for the subsequent year, utilizing the Commitment Project load form. If supported in the offer letter or MOU, any carryover amounts will be requested through the budget process and approved by the Provost Office.

The Commitment Projects form will be utilized to establish new commitments and to document current/revised commitments.

All commitments will be maintained in the PeopleSoft Grants Module via Projects form, detailing commitment years, budgets, and end dates. The Commitment Project Form must be uploaded to grants module. Enhancements made to POWER will enable the commitment holder to access financial information pertaining to their commitment.

The commitment account monthly review process should adhere to the IHOP Policy No. 4.04.05, Departmental Cost Center Financial Review and Reconciliation.

  Commitment Project Setup Form (Excel)
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