Mark Schultze

Executive Director Business and Academic Systems | (409) 266-2392

Mark Schultze serves as the Executive Director for Business and Academic Systems in the Provost's Office, where he leads a high-caliber team of developers responsible for crafting cutting-edge software solutions for the academic enterprise. With a career spanning three decades in application development across multiple industries, Mark is a seasoned professional with an unwavering passion for new technologies. 

Prior to his current role, Mark was at Microsoft for two years, holding the position of Senior Cloud Solutions Data and AI Architect. There, he specialized in supporting Academic Medical Colleges in the United States. His tenure at Microsoft deepened his expertise in cloud solutions, particularly within Azure, and enriched his already diverse skill set in data governance and artificial intelligence. 

Over recent years, Mark has been instrumental in assisting academic medical colleges (AMCs) in deploying large cloud landing zones. He has also developed and implemented a comprehensive data warehouse, overseen data governance through Microsoft Purview, and is proficient in leveraging Azure Machine Learning to create machine learning environments. His work extends to research commercialization, helping to bring projects from concept to market. 

Mark holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Peninsula University of Technology. His educational background and years of hands-on experience make him not only an expert but also a leading figure in the confluence of technology, academia and healthcare.