Capital Equipment FormsProcess for Completing Capital Equipment Request Application:

1. Fill out a “Space, Real Estate or Capital Equipment Application” form and acquire signoff from Department Chair or Dean.

  • In addition to request form, include a brief justification or business plan detailing value of equipment to UTMB.  Justification should include return-on-investment (when applicable) by either service fees recovered perspective or impact / enhancement of new grants.

2. When requesting to use institutional funds, a “Capital Equipment Redundancy Check” form must be submitted for equipment valued over $50,000.

3. Send signed and completed forms to Jamie Spencer, and Liz Williams,, Office of the Provost, to obtain the necessary EVP approval signatures.

4. Once EVP approval is obtained, create a requisition in PeopleSoft with all required documentation uploaded:

5. Ensure PeopleSoft coding is correct:

  • Capital equipment is coded to account “532030” (Equipment valued $5,000 or greater.)  
  • Maintenance agreements must be coded to one of the following:
    • “521060” – Maint. Agreements-Computer Soft
    • “521070” - Maintenance Agreements-All Other
    • “521080” – Maint. Agreements-Computer Hard
  • Funding sources setup under department numbers different from the asset “home” department must include a “Product ID” field, detailing home department number.  (Instructions Below).  
  • For coding questions and assistance, please contact Dave Ng of Asset Management.

6. After requisition has been setup and approved in PeopleSoft, if all valid documentation is attached, the procurement department will make best efforts to issue purchase order issuance within ten business days of receipt. 

The capital approval process is unique by UTMB entity and determined by each EVP team.  In lieu of a capital steering committee review, ALL Academic Enterprise orders require EVP review and signature approval when utilizing institutional funding.  For extramural funded requests, review and approval is required by the Provost Administration prior to requisition submission.  

Any requested capital equipment to be paid with funding sources or extramural awards reviewed at the Provost level during award application (UT System STAR Award, S10 instrumentation grant, Real Estate, Space, and Capital Committee approved initiatives, etc.) will be exempt from the capital equipment request process.  Please upload the award letter or appropriate supporting documentation during PeopleSoft submission.