Hospital Patient Financial Services

Hospital Charge Description Master

How the Charge Description Master works in relation to the billing process
  • Before charge capture, comes the charging mechanism – the Charge Description Master.
  • Charge codes are assigned to identify procedures, drugs and supplies for billing purposes.
  • These are housed in the Charge Description Master (CDM).
CDM/TM and Billing Issues Committee's Role
  • Ensures there is an excellent understanding of what is billable and accurate according to the regulatory billing requirements
  • Indentifies potential revenue opportunities
  • Indentifies potential loss revenue
  • Reviews denials and billing issues identified by HPFS billers
  • Stays abreast of changes with the billing regulations as well as educate and implement
  • Review all new/revised CPT and HCPC codes being submitted
  • Perform annual CDM/TM reviews with department
Submitting a CDM/TM Form

TM/CDM Request forms should be used anytime a department / clinic needs to add a new procedure, drug or supply to the Transaction Master or Charge Description Master for billing purposes.

  • CDM/TM form is located:
  • Submit CDM/TM form to FGP Coding Support Team by 5pm Monday to be processed that week
  • FGP Support Team logs each CDM/TM form and brings to the weekly CDM/TM Billing Issue Committee for review and approval

Notification of approvals along with the assigned hospital charge code will be sent to the requestor. Once approval is received, the department / clinic may begin using the new code.

Charge Credit Corrections

A charge Credit Correction form should be used anytime a department / clinic needs to make changes to a previously submitted charge, diagnosis, doctor number, modifier, date of service, billing account number or charge quantity.

Charge Credit Correction forms completed and approved should be emailed to:

**Note – a separate request must be sent to the Physicians Billing Office for changes to professional accounts. Please email those to: