UTMB Human Resources

Human Resources is committed to meeting UTMB's strategic human resource needs while delivering the best possible client experiences and outcomes.

Human Resources strives to provide high quality, innovative, client-centered solutions to further UTMB’s strategic initiatives and promote an inclusive environment that actively values diversity among our employees and the broader community. The department aims to produce:

  • Engaged, valued and committed employees to meet current and future workforce needs
  • Learning and talent development programs to increase competencies
  • Safe, healthy, diverse and balanced work environment
  • Strategic business partnerships to meet operational demands
  • Consistent consultation and standard services, policies and processes that are transparent, technology-enabled, easy to administer and intuitive to our customers
  • Proactive customer experience across each segment of HR's clients to fit varied needs and deliver at the moments that matter, including effective and prompt resolution to service concerns

HR Mission

  • Mission

    We will provide high quality, innovative, client-centered human resource management solutions to further UTMB's mission. We will meet the university's strategic human resource needs and deliver the best possible client experiences and outcomes by attracting, developing and retaining top talent; forming positive collaborative relationships; and establishing, administering and effectively communicating sound policies and procedures that treat staff and faculty with dignity and respect.

  • Vision

    We aim to create a diverse and inclusive organizational culture that values all employees, fosters continuous growth and development, rewards performance and ensures results.

  • Values

    We will strive to excel in every aspect of our services by focusing on the value-added outcomes for our clients. We will respect each person, work hard to improve the quality of work life integration at UTMB and improve the practice of human resource management.

    We will maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

    We will employ innovative, necessary and effective technologies (electronic and otherwise) to serve our client’s needs. We will encourage constructive change, creativity and the application of new ideas.

News & Announcements

  • New Diversity Courses Added to Annual Required Training

    February 6, 2021, 15:09 PM by Alexa Akim

    To help promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, UTMB has added three new diversity-focused courses to the annual required training. These courses are designed to educate, influence and motivate employees, and they may be accessed through the UTMB Learn system.

  • 2020 Tax Forms Now Available

    January 13, 2021, 14:47 PM by Alexa Akim

    Employees who consented to receive electronic copies of their W-2 and 1095-C tax forms for 2020 are now able to view and print the forms.

Black History Month

Did You Know…

Black History Month is held every February to celebrate the achievements of Black and African Americans throughout history. Each week this month, UTMB and the Black Alliance Employee Resource Group will recognize people of color who have made notable contributions to society and to our university.

This week, we would like to recognize Henrietta Lacks, an African American woman whose cells are the source of the first immortalized human cell line in American history. In 1951, Lacks was diagnosed with cervical cancer by Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Her doctor obtained a biopsy from her cervix for diagnosis and treatment. A small part of Lacks’ tissue was taken to the tissue culture laboratory without her knowledge or consent, which was a common practice at the time. Dr. George Gey, the head of the laboratory, found that Lacks’ cells survived and replicated; before then, no human cells survived outside the body.

Lacks died a few months after her diagnosis, but her cells—HeLa cells—continue to be used in scientific research and vaccine development. They have contributed to many medical breakthroughs, including research on the effects of zero gravity in outer space, the development of the polio vaccine, the study of cancer and the AIDS virus, the development of IVF, research on COVID-19 and more. It has been almost seven decades, and HeLa cells have now lived more than twice as long outside Lacks’ body than inside.