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Dr. Volpi in AARP - 6 Quick Home Improvements When Someone Suddenly Needs Extra Care

Oct 17, 2022, 11:50 AM by SCOA
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Read the article at AARP: 6 Quick Home Improvements When Someone Suddenly Needs Extra Care

Elena Volpi, M.D., Director of the Sealy Center on Aging at UTMB, recommends home improvements for aging in place, including rearranging furniture and upgrading your bed. To make your bedroom as comfortable and safe as possible, remove area rugs to prevent tripping, remove any furniture from the path to the bathroom, and add nightlights for night-time bathroom trips.

The ability to elevate your head or feet (or both) can help with back, hip, and knee pain, make it easier to breathe with conditions like congestive heart failure, and help reduce swelling from edema. In most cases, adjustable beds sold at furniture stores are sufficient, but certain health conditions may necessitate a hospital bed, especially “if you’re at risk of rolling out of bed [or have] pressure sores and need a specialized mattress and more options for changing position or for inclining the entire bed,” Dr. Volpi explains.

A hospital bed can be rented or purchased through a home health agency or approved vendor. Insurance may cover the cost. Adding bed rails to your current bed can also provide additional support and peace of mind. Bed rails can be rented or purchased through a medical supply company. “The ability to age in place is the goal when making your home safer and more accessible.” 

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