• UTMB Health State Employee Charitable Campaign 2022: Make A Little Pledge

  • UTMB Health State Employee Charitable Campaign 2022: Make A Little Pledge

  • UTMB Health State Employee Charitable Campaign 2022: Make A Little Pledge

State Employee Charitable Campaign

  • Campaign closes today...

    November 14, 2022, 09:11 AM by SECC Volunteers

    This evening at midnight, the 2022 State Employee Charitable Campaign will end. As of Monday morning, we had raised just shy of $340,000, contributed by 1,214 generous employees. For those who participated, THANK YOU for your generous support.

    For those interested in helping others through this easy, effective and rewarding tool, there is still time.

    You can review the charities and make your pledge today. 

    We're within striking range of popping our campaign thermometer. Will your gift do it? 

    During the past two decades, through storms and strife and economic challenges, the people of UTMB Health have provided more than $10 Million of support to our local communities and charitable causes. That is an amazing accomplishment, one that is worth a celebration. 



  • Last chance. Let's Dance!

    November 11, 2022, 08:50 AM by SECC Volunteers

    We've taken our state employee campaign to the dance floor this year, banking that some feel-good music would lift spirits and open hearts. In typical UTMB Health fashion, many of us responded with compassion and generosity. Thank you.   

    As this year’s campaign draws to a close, over 1,000 employees have pledged more than $300,000 to the effort. We’re thrilled about the results, and also hopeful for these final days of giving. The campaign will close on Monday, Nov. 14, at midnight. If you’re one of those people motivated by a deadline, your time has come.

    Please make your pledge today.

    The dollars we raise make a difference in people’s lives. With many of us looking ahead to the holidays and giving thanks, remember through SECC we can help those in need, those who are hungry, homeless, alone. We can support community initiatives, shelter those at risk, bolster education, champion important causes and help make our world safer, healthier, happier, better.

    Thank you for your support, thank for your consideration and kindness. Last chance, let's dance...

  • Some fine looking people, in the SECC spirit

    November 10, 2022, 17:00 PM by SECC Volunteers

    We set up disco-themed photo booths at a few sites around UTMB and had fun with employee snapshots. Many of those photos are on the SECC Facebook page now for your enjoyment (turn on the audio if you can).  Thanks to everyone who sent in images. 

    As of this afternoon, we've raised $302,060 from just over 1,000 awesome and generous employees who've "made a little pledge." Those dollars will go to help people in need and support causes that matter. Thank you.   

  • Time to Burn, Baby, Burn

    November 9, 2022, 14:53 PM by SECC Volunteers

    We're coming into the final days of the 2022 SECC. We're extremely happy about the $279,000 we've already had committed by more than 914 UTMB employees. Thank you to those who have already stepped up with their amazing support.

    We've got a sizable gap to close if we hope to match the gift we provided last year to our communities and many meaningful causes and charities (You can see our progress here and see how your department is doing).

    Our support is critical, we have confidence that the generous souls of UTMB will step forward. But it's time to light some fires and MAKE SOME PLEDGES

      Here are The Trammps to inspire you with a little Disco Inferno... 

    • Can anyone capture the Vanguard Cup from Team ADC?

      November 4, 2022, 15:27 PM by SECC Volunteers

      The 2021 Vanguard Award is presented to the Angleton Danbury CampusWe are happy to announce the  return of the SECC VANGUARD AWARD, for the campus or institutional entity that displays exceptional commitment and university-leading performance in charitable giving.

      For the purpose of this award, UTMB Health is grouped into six entities: Clear Lake Campus, Angleton Danbury Campus, League City Campus, Galveston Campus, Ambulatory, and Correctional Managed Care. The area with the highest participation percentage at the end of the campaign gets their name engraved on a handsome traveling award, and bragging rights for a year.

      For three years running, those bragging rights have gone to the team at the Angleton Danbury Campus, boasting a participation rate three times greater than our institutional average. They’ve thrown the gauntlet at any challengers.

      If Angleton wins again, the Vanguard Cup, our trophy associated with the award, will be RETIRED with the ADC team and stay in the only home it’s know. Can any entity wrest away control of the Cup, and keep the competition going? Time will tell. See how your area stacks up right now...

    • It's fun to give through the S-E-C-C...

      November 4, 2022, 07:24 AM by SECC Volunteers

      The State Employee Charitable Campaign hits its midpoint today. We are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received, $150,000 so far from more than 400 UTMB employees. Thank you to those who have already opened their hearts and pockets to benefit others.

      We all like a simplified and abbreviated campaign, but it does create some urgency. We have just a little more than one week left to show our support.

      If you’ve not had a chance to review the charities and consider a pledge, please do so today. Find one that speaks to you—helping kids or the homeless, veterans or the hungry, our fragile world, animal welfare, fighting illness and disease, enhancing education and literacy, whatever is meaningful to you—and commit a few dollars. It feels good, it is EASY, and it will make a difference.

      Let’s count our many blessings and use the SECC to share our good fortune. And remember, it's fun to stay at the... 

    • You should be giving...

      November 2, 2022, 14:23 PM by SECC Volunteers

      Have you caught the SECC fever? If not, well…you should be giving, yeah! We are nearly a week into the campaign and are slowly approaching the $150,000 mark. Join us on the dance floor and make your pledge today.

      Keep an eye out on our Angleton Danbury, Clear Lake, Galveston and League City campuses for a funkytown disco photo booth. Snap a photo and send it to social@utmb.edu. 

    • We are THRILLER-ED

      October 31, 2022, 11:05 AM by SECC Volunteers

      Happy Halloween! We are THRILLER-ED about the great start we have had to this year's campaign. So far we have had 284 employees contribute for a total of $105,152 (as of 11:00am). We hope you will consider a pledge today – no tricks, all treats. Don’t forget to share your festive pictures with social@utmb.edu to be featured on our Facebook page.

    • Best sticker yet?

      October 31, 2022, 09:00 AM by SECC Volunteers

      We stopped providing "prizes" to entice people to support the SECC many years ago. We know the sorts of trinkets we could afford didn't motivate anyone, and we heard repeatedly  that we should save the money for the charitable agencies in the campaign. That made sense to us. 

      At the same time, we did want to thank those who supported the effort, and give them a way to remember and feel good about their generosity. That's when we stumbled across these inexpensive stickers, which are very kindly supported by the team at United Way. We've had a lot of fun with them, and we think we like the sticker this year the most. We'll be getting them out via campus mail in the next few days. Make your pledge today.   

      UTMB State Employee Charitable Campaign 2022
    • KC had the right idea

      October 28, 2022, 07:28 AM by SECC Volunteers

      With so many great song options, which one would be best to kickoff our campaign? KC and the Sunshine Band answered the question for us, when they asked us to do a little dance, and make a little (pledge). We hope everyone has a great weekend.

    • Do a little dance—Make a little pledge

      October 28, 2022, 07:27 AM by SECC Volunteers

      The annual State Employee Charitable Campaign is here, and this year we’ll be taking a trip to Funkytown. We’ll be celebrating music, embracing disco, and hoping it brings a smile to your face and a strut to your step.

      The SECC is an important and incredibly EASY way for members of our UTMB community to give back, and we've done it generously year after year. The campaign allows participants to support the causes and charities of their choosing, at the level they are comfortable with, and use a super simple online process to pay via payroll deduction. Gifts can be made once, stretched out via monthly contributions, or made via a paper pledge form. 

      The collective support we offer is critical to the communities UTMB serves, and beyond. Our campaign will run from Oct. 28 to Nov. 14. If you’ve participated before (about 10% of employees did last year), you know how satisfying and simple it is. If not, we invite you to give it a spin in 2022.

      From this site, you can: 

      It’s a financially, emotionally and mentally challenging time for many people. But music, like your financial support, can help heal, inspire and empower. Let’s make a little pledge and show a little love.   

      Thank you for your consideration and generosity.  

    • Welcome, we're thriller-ed you are here

      October 20, 2022, 08:46 AM by SECC Volunteers

      You're a little early but we're very happy you took a moment to visit. We're ready for you. The site is live, the 2022 charitable agencies have been loaded, and you can MAKE YOUR PLEDGE RIGHT NOW. We'll be kicking off our campaign to the UTMB community at large on Friday, Oct. 28. We're so excited. We just can't hide it. We're looking forward to a GREAT campaign in 2022, and we like it.   
    • Staying alive

      October 10, 2022, 17:04 PM by SECC Volunteers

      It's that time of year again. Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, there are some times when we all need a little help from our friends. We hope you'll join with us again this year to share what you can to help others. We'll get the party started soon...
    Print your own poster
    poster art for SECC 2021 Anything Is Possible campaign
    Download: 11" x 17" PDF

    SECC 2021 StickerDuring the 2021 campaign, more than 1,430 generous UTMB employees helped us raise  over $413,000. We were once again a leader in giving statewide.

    Thank you for your support. Review the statewide results.


    Questions or problems?
    Want to use a paper pledge form?
    Need assistance?

    Please contact April Ciccarello at (817) 798-2218 or amciccar@utmb.edu