The Texas Resource Center on Minority Aging Research (RCMAR) is based at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Sealy Center on Aging. It is a collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin. The overall purpose of the Texas RCMAR is to provide an infrastructure that facilitates the development of research on health and aging in minority populations with emphasis on the Hispanic population in the United States as well as in Mexico. Special focus is given to mentoring researchers from underrepresented populations. RCMAR will work with the National Archive for Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA), within ICPSR to disseminate research. Read more about the Significance of studying Hispanic populations.


Three cores support RCMAR, the Administrative Core, the Analysis Core and the Research Education Component (REC). The Administrative Core oversees and promotes activities. The Analysis Core provides methodological and statistical support to promote the research and career development of minority aging investigators. The REC’s overall aim is to increase the capacity of faculty at UTMB, UT Austin, and elsewhere to conduct rigorous research on minority aging and health disparities in general.

Research Education Component

The REC funds pilot grants by minority investigators as well as others interested in becoming independent investigators in the field of minority and Hispanic aging. The specific aims of the REC are to: 1) Support pilot research designed to increase the number of minority faculty who are able to obtain external funding to conduct diversity aging research; 2) develop and offer opportunities to promote career development in diversity aging research; and 3) strengthen diversity aging research through continual mentoring activities.

To accomplish these aims, the REC provides pilot research funding in diversity aging research with a primary focus on Mexican origin older adults. It uses an active aging conference to provide both networking opportunities and quantitative workshops to faculty, fellows, and students to increase their skills and visibility in diversity aging research. It will also launch a mentoring system for junior faculty and more senior faculty who are new to diversity aging research, providing them with structured mentoring and career development opportunities.

Annual Conference

Each year, scholars will develop pilot research projects and participate in an annual two-day conference on minority aging in conjunction with the annual International Conference on Aging in the Americas (ICAA). The ICAA network of investigators from the United States and Mexico will help the Texas RCMAR to identify and encourage junior scholars to apply for pilot grants as well as to identify students, fellows, and faculty who should attend the RCMAR conference at ICAA.

Texas RCMAR is funded by the National Institute on Aging, Grant Number P30AG059301.
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