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Parties pulling a Solicitation from this website, and who are interested in submitting a response must notify the UTMB Contact Person name in the Solicitation of the following: (a) The RFP/RFB number that they will be responding to; and (b) their name, their company's name, address, telephone number, and FAX number and email address. This will enable us to advise all Parties of Addendums or other information pertaining to the Solicitation. UTMB cannot be held responsible for the RFP content provided to vendors from sites/companies other than those specified by UTMB. Unless you receive documents and notifications from UTMB directly, the information provided to you by third-party sites is not valid.

RFP 24-005 Third Party Eligibility

RFP 24-015 Government Eligibility and Transfer DRG Underpayment

RFP 24-019 Research Participant Payment System

RFP 24-021 Corporate Housing

RFP 24-029 Switchgear Replacement

UT System Supply Chain Alliance

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