Surplus Property: Transfer to the Warehouse

Items of The University of Texas Medical Branch surplus that are not transferred between departments must be transferred to the Surplus Property Warehouse using the Surplus Equipment Warehouse (SEW) online form.

Instructions and requirements for completing the form:

1. No instrument having radioactive, biohazard, or chemical stickers will be accepted into the Surplus Equipment Warehouse without proper clearance by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

2. In accordance with federal copyright laws, all software must be removed (i.e., format the hard drive) from any computer equipment before it will be allowed into the Surplus Equipment Warehouse. Also, software removal should be documented by checking the box in section 1 of the Surplus Equipment Warehouse (SEW) Form.

3. All storage equipment contents (such as files, papers, syringes, refuse, etc.) should be properly disposed of in accordance with Records Management and Health and Safety Services Procedures prior to sending equipment to the Surplus Equipment Warehouse. Desk drawers and file cabinets should be emptied before being turned over to the Surplus Warehouse. Please see our Records Management website for instructions for the disposition of records, or call 409.747.5900. Any and all violations will be reported to the Office of Institutional Compliance. Our delivery team will transport only those items that are identified on the SEW Form to the Surplus Warehouse