Supplier Self-Service/PaymentWorks

The University of Texas Medical Branch has partnered with PaymentWorks to streamline the way we onboard suppliers and manage supplier information. With the implementation of PaymentWorks, our suppliers:

  • Gain access to create user profiles within the PaymentWorks Platform
  • Are given access to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Registration form to provide their own supplier information for UTMB
  • Have the ability to update and maintain their own supplier data using their PaymentWorks user profile
  • Gain greater visibility to their invoice data
  • If the supplier is connected to more than one institution using PaymentWorks, the supplier may send updates to more than one institution at a time.

To become a University of Texas Medical Branch supplier, a UTMB department must have a justifiable need to onboard the supplier to the UTMB supplier database. Once a UTMB department has determined that they do have a need for the given supplier, the department will initiate a PaymentWorks invitation to begin the onboarding process.

If you are a supplier already setup with UTMB and you have a PaymentWorks account with us, please use the following login link to access the PaymentWorks system: PaymentWorks Login.

If you have questions regarding the PaymentWorks platform or specific aspects of the registration process, please contact PaymentWorks Support.

If you have questions regarding billing, invoices, or payments, please email the following:

Invoice submissions:

  • PO related invoices – send one invoice per email, in PDF format to
  • Non-PO related invoices should be sent to the individual who placed the order.

Questions/Status requests:

  • Send your questions to   Include PO# and Invoice # in your subject line  (no attachments please).
  • Please allow 30 day from invoice submission date for invoices to be paid.


For questions regarding the onboarding process, please contact Supplier Management at