Distributor Change to Medline

Jun 23, 2021, 14:32 PM by Tetiana Johnson

Effective April 6, 2021, UTMB is changing its primary medical supply distributor from Owens & Minor to Medline Industries.

Why are we making this change?

Supply Chain Services began a transformation effort over a year ago intending to improve service levels for the institution and the departments it supports. This change will allow Supply Chain to provide better service, limit shortages, and reduce costs. The decision to change to Medline was made after an extensive RFP process, which included a review of our current contract, service level requirements, and value proposition.

When will the change occur and what does it mean for me?

Beginning Monday, April 12, medical supplies currently distributed by O&M will be distributed through Medline.

  • Departments may notice a change in packaging, but the quality of the products received will remain the same.
  • The Supply Chain team has undergone an extensive review of every product to ensure the same or higher level of quality is received.
  • Faculty and staff should see little to no changes.

About Medline

Medline is a privately held family-owned company that has manufactured and distributed medical supplies for over 100 years. UTMB has already utilized its services as a distribution partner both before and during Covid-19 pandemic. Their understanding of our organization was one of the factors in their selection. In addition, Medline Industries:

  • Have an organizational structure designed to be more responsive, efficient, and innovative.
  • Emphasize collaboration and prioritizing positive clinical outcomes which align with UTMB standards for quality and safety.
  • Are proactively expanding their warehouses to avoid stock-outs, including expansion of their Katy location in 2021.
  • Will be supporting PAR redesign efforts and other projects as needed.
  • Have advanced systems that use automated warehousing technology including robotic fulfillment similar to Amazon.

UT Southwestern and MD Anderson have already made the switch to Medline. UTMB has incorporated lessons learned from these two events to ensure a smooth transition for UTMB. Please communicate any issues or concerns to your local Supply Chain team as we go through this transformation over the next few weeks. We are well equipped to quickly handle any unforeseen issues.

Thank you for all you do at UTMB and thank you for your support during this transition.