PPE KN 95 Mask Request Instructions

Feb 24, 2022, 09:07 AM by Tetiana Johnson

Ordering PPE/KN 95 masks for personnel with approved exemptions

Please follow the same guidelines established for purchasing PPE (outlined below) to purchase KN95 and N95 masks required for those who are permanently or temporarily exempt from taking the Covid-19 Vaccine.

How to Order PPE/KN 95 Masks 

Off-Site Clinics – Please continue to use the PPE Favorites List in PeopleSoft to create PPE requisitions.  If you need additional assistance or training on requisitioning PPE in PeopleSoft, please contact Danielle Laird dnlaird@utmb.edu.

On-Site Clinics/AE/Research/Campus Departments – Please continue to use the webform to order PPE KN 95 masks.  Keep in mind that you will be required to supply your department’s FRS as all PPE and KN 95s are being expensed to the departments. 

Here is the link for the PPE Webform: https://utmb.us/4bp

Delivery or Pick up of PPE KN 95 Masks 

All non-patient care areas (including administrative areas, research areas and educational areas) will pick up KN 95s at the warehouse located at 13th and Strand as done before during recent Covid-19 surges.  Patient care areas including inpatient, clinics, and CMC/HG will continue to receive delivery from the Material’s Management staff as they do currently. 

Please send any questions to the Purchasing Helpdesk prhlpdsk@utmb.edu.