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Purchasing: Current Bid Opportunities

Notice of Bid

Parties pulling a Solicitation from this website, and who are interested in submitting a response must notify the UTMB Contact Person name in the Solicitation of the following: (a) The RFP/RFB number that they will be responding to; and (b) their name, their company's name, address, telephone number and FAX number and email address. This will enable us to advise all Parties of Addendums or other information pertaining to the Solicitation.

UTMB cannot be held responsible for the RFP content provided to vendors from sites/companies other than those specified by UTMB.   Unless you receive documents and notifications from UTMB directly the information provided to you by third party sites are not valid.

RFP 17-017 Health Education Center
RFP 17-017 Exhibit 1 Sample Agreement
RFP 17-017 HEC Furnishings Final
RFP 17-017 Attachment A Pricing Form-HEC
RFP 17-017 Attachment B Detailed Specifications D2-D6
RFP 17-017 Attachment C Furniture Images
RFP 17-017 Attachment D Fabric Diagrams
RFP 17-017 Attachment E Furniture Plans

RFP 17-049 Exterior Building Entrance Cleaning
RFP 17-049 Exterior Building Entrance Cleaning Attachment 1

RFP 17-056 Materials Management Information System Implementation Services
RFP 17-056 Materials Management Information System Implementation Services
RFP 17-056 Attachment No 2 - Pricing Schedule - REVISED
RFP 17-056 Addendum No. 1
RFP 17-056 Appendices 1 & 2
RFP 17-056 Pre-Proposal Conference Presentation
RFP 17-056 Pre-Proposal Sign-In Sheet
RFP 17-056 Addendum No. 2

RFP 17-057 Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services
RFP 17-057 Notice to Respondents
RFP 17-057 Request for Proposal
RFP 17-057 Attachment 1 Company Overview
RFP 17-057 Attachment 2 Key Personnel Ref Sheet
RFP 17-057 Attachment 3 Sample JOC Agreement
RFP 17-057 Attachment 4 Exhibit C Security Non-UTMB Employee Nondisclosure
RFP 17-057 Attachment 5 Execution of Offer
RFP 17-057 Attachment 6 Environ Sustainability
RFP 17-057 Attachment 7 Coefficient Proposal Form
RFP 17-057 Attachment 8 Letter HUB Commitment
RFP 17-057 Appendix 2 JOC Request for Pricing Form
RFP 17-057 Appendix 3 Price Info Methodology
RFP 17-057 Appendix 4 JOC Proposal Approval Form
RFP 17-057 Appendix 5 JOC NPPI GC
RFP 17-057 Appendix 6 JOC NPPI Sub
RFP 17-057 Appendix 7 JOC Performance Eval
RFP 17-057 Appendix 8 Approved Holidays
RFP 17-057 Appendix 9 Letter of HUB Commitment
RFP 17-057 Appendix 10 NTP JOC Over 100K
RFP 17-057 Appendix 10 NTP JOC Under 100K
RFP 17-057 Exhibit B Uniform General Guidelines
RFP 17-057 Exhibit C Spec Conditions - Appendix A Wage Rate
RFP 17-057 Exhibit C Special Conditions
RFP 17-057 Exhibit D Performance Bond
RFP 17-057 Exhibit E Payment Bond
RFP 17-057 Exhibit F UTMB Building List
RFP 17-057 Exhibit G Certificate of Franchise
RFP 17-057 Exhibit H HUB Policy

RFP 17-070 Mobile mammography Vehicle
RFP 17-070 Mobile Mammography Vehicle
RFP 17-070 Attachment A Price Schedule
RFP 17-070 Mobile Mammorgraphy Vehicle Addendum No. 1
RFP 17-070 Pre Proposal Meeting Presentation

UT System Supply Chain Alliance Bid Opportunities
UT System Supply Chain
Alliance Bid Opportunities


Call or email if any questions:
Karen Gross 281.338.8053 or klgross@utmb.edu