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Institutional Value Analysis and Data Analytics:
Academic & Research Committee

The Research and Academic Institutional Value Analysis is designed to identify opportunities for savings and/or an increase in value for the research and academic community. Members of the committee offer their expertise in research and academia to pinpoint categories of expense to be analyzed.

Committee Membership
Position Name Phone
Committee Chair David Hileman 409.772.1676
Member Andy McNees 409.266.6506
Member Debra Pyron 409.772.3823
Member Cecily Garcia 409.266.6534
Member Giulio Taglialatela 409.772.1679
Member Wade Radicioni 409.747.0636
Member Alexander Freiberg 409.772.2882
Member Thomas Wood 409.747.0387
Member Cornelis Elferink 409.772.9624
Member Louise Prakash 409.747.8601
Member Istvan Boldogh 409.772.9414
Member William Calhoun 409.772.1176
Member Geetika Saraf 409.266.6531
Member Sonia Gonzales 409.266.6524


Position Name Phone
IVA Sr. Manager Theresa Carrig 409.772.5765
IVA Analyst Michelle Heintz 409.772.5545
IVA Analyst Jamie Penner 409.772.5345
Director of Logistics StJohn Sturton 409.772.5315
Sourcing Manager Chris Gross 281.338.8658
Purchasing Liz Guerra 281.338.7507