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Institutional Value Analysis and Data Analytics:
Business and I.T. Committee

The Business and IT Institutional Value Analysis Committee is focused on identifying long-term cost containment strategies with office supplies & equipment, information services, telecom products, and purchased services. The committee will help identify opportunity areas and complete projects through the review of new and existing products and services by the primary stakeholders for effectiveness and efficiency.

Committee Membership
Position Name Phone
Committee Co-Chair Matthew Furlong 409.772.5113
Committee Co-Chair Bill Fuqua 409.266-1410
Member W. Scott Boeh 409.772.9803
Member Ulises DeLeon 409.266.2296
Member Craig Elmore 409.747.7901
Member Tammy Gutierrez 281.316.8310
Member Sheryl Green 409.772.9401
Member Scott Hermstein 409.747.5599
Member Bridget Jones 409.772.1959
Member Johann Ramirez 409.772.4248


Position Name Phone
IVA Sr. Manager Theresa Carrig 409.772.5765
IVA Analyst Jennifer Johnson 409.772.5545
IVA Analyst Jamie Penner 409.772.5345
Purchasing Denise Parrish 281.338.6894
Acquisition Specialist Cameron Guthier 281.338.7514
Acquisition Specialist Michael Cupito 281.360.9677
Premier Support Judith Allison  
Director of Logistics StJohn Sturton 409.772.5315
Sourcing Manager Chris Gross 281.338.8658