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Institutional Value Analysis and Data Analytics:
Facilities Committee

The Facilities Institutional Value Analysis Program is designed to find cost-savings and added value in products, equipment, and services, through a data-driven process. Through this process, a long-term, sustainable strategy will be designed to reduce non-labor expenses and standardize products. The committee consists of valued members of their respected facilities area to collaborate to find potential opportunities within their departments.

Committee Membership
Position Name Phone
Committee Co-Chair Marcel Blanchard 409.747.2942
Committee Co-Chair David Ketchens 409.772.1589
Member StJohn Sturton 409.772.5315
Member Andrew Best 409.747.4836
Member Danny Allen 409.772.4170
Member Kevin Stephenson 832.505.1039
Member Nilesh Shah 409.772.1323
Member Neil Hart 409.772.2205
Member Jack Tarpley 409.772.8136


Position Name Phone
IVA Sr. Manager Theresa Carrig 409.772.5765
IVA Analyst Tito Nieves 409.772.3352
IVA Analyst Jamie Penner 409.772.5345
Purchasing Denise Parrish 281.338.6894
Purchasing Danielle Grissom 281.338.7517
Purchasing Janell Faust 281.338.7513
Purchasing Traci Davis-Johnson 281.338.7512