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Medical Student Wins 3rd Place at Summer Research Program Poster Day

Oct 30, 2023, 13:37 PM by John Carstens

The Department of Surgery is thrilled to highlight the remarkable achievements of dedicated rising MS2 researchers who, under the guidance of esteemed faculty members, showcased their outstanding work during the Summer Research Program Poster Day. These accomplishments underscore our department's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of surgical knowledge.

Charles Park:

At the forefront of our spotlight is Charles Park (pictured above), whose research on "Pathological Bone Outcomes Associated with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Age and Gender" garnered a well-deserved 3rd place recognition. Charles's exploration into the complex interplay of age, gender, and bone pathologies in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients provides invaluable insights into the multifaceted challenges patients encounter during their treatment journeys.

Sunskruthi Krishna:

Sunskruthi Krishna presented "Effect of BMI on Recurrence Rate and Postoperative Outcomes of Incisional Hernias," shedding light on a crucial aspect of patient care.

Yash Ramgopal:

Yash Ramgopal's poster, "Postprocedural Outcomes of Propofol-Ketamine Use in Burn Patients," offered valuable insights into anesthesia choices and the optimization of care for burn patients.

Christopher Richter:

Christopher Richter's contribution, "Outcomes of Mohs Micrographic Surgery vs. Wide Local Excision in Treatment of Melanoma In Situ: A Comparative Retrospective Study in TriNetX," provided a comprehensive retrospective analysis of two commonly used treatments for melanoma. His work contributes to the ongoing discourse surrounding optimal treatment approaches.

Carolina Segura:

Carolina Segura's research, "Elevated troponin I level correlated to cardiac dysfunction in severe burned adults," advances our understanding of cardiac complications in this vulnerable patient population.

Suhaib Shah:

Suhaib Shah's project, titled "Genital Burn Outcomes," investigates an often-overlooked area within burn medicine. His research enhances our understanding of the unique challenges faced by patients with genital burn injuries.

Kelli Blackwell:

Kelli Blackwell's presentations, "Measuring Epidermal Thickness in Post-Burn Wounds with miRNA21 Enriched Exosomes" (Blocker Lewis) and "Topical Rose Bengal for Improved Full-Thickness Cutaneous Injury Healing" (SRP), delve into the intricacies of post-burn wound healing, offering promising insights for enhanced patient outcomes.

Hannah Buckingham:

In her SRP presentation titled "Effects of miRNA-21-enriched Exosomes on Angiogenesis in a Porcine Model of Post-burn Wound Healing and Fibrosis," Hannah Buckingham delves into the captivating world of angiogenesis during post-burn wound healing and fibrosis. Her research provides invaluable insights into the pivotal role played by miRNA-21-enriched exosomes in these intricate processes. Furthermore, during her Blocker-Lewis presentation, she explores the topic "miRNA-21 Moderates Angiogenesis During Early Inflammation of Full-Thickness Burns," shedding light on the early stages of inflammation in full-thickness burns. Hannah's work significantly contributes to our comprehension of wound healing and offers potential avenues for advancing treatments and patient outcomes.

Mahalia Mir:

Maliha Mir's presentation investigates the "Effect of miR21 enriched exosomes on collagen density during wound healing in a porcine model of full-thickness burn," shedding light on crucial aspects of tissue repair. Her research offers innovative insights for improving wound healing outcomes.

The Department of Surgery wishes to extend our appreciation to Dr. Steven Wolf, Dr. Amina El Ayadi, and Dr. Juquan Song, who played pivotal roles in guiding and nurturing these research endeavors. The mentorship provided by these esteemed faculty members has been instrumental in fostering a culture of excellence within our department.

Congratulations to Charles Park and all our mentees for their remarkable achievements, and to their mentors for their continued support and guidance. We eagerly anticipate the ongoing contributions of these promising researchers to our field.


  • Summer Research Program Poster Day
  •  Summer Research Program Poster Day
  •  Summer Research Program Poster Day
  •  Summer Research Program Poster Day