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Transplant Department Sweeps Awards at McLaughlin Colloquium

Apr 19, 2024, 15:24 PM by John Carstens

At the 2024 McLaughlin Colloquium, Dr. Laxmi Dongur and Avery Koi (MS2) were presented James W. McLaughlin Awards for their presentations, “Effect of Donor Hepatitis C Virus Infection Status on Post-Liver Transplantation Outcomes and Hospital Resource Utilization” and “Precision In Immune Management: Immunosuppressive Approaches, Rejection Risk, And Infectious Considerations In Elderly Renal Transplant Recipients.” Collaborators included Drs. Kueht and Engebretsen from Surgery, Dr. Mujtaba from Nephrology, Dr. Lea from Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Stevenson from Pathology.

Dr. Kueht boasts over ten years of experience in medical research and has contributed significantly to the field with more than 60 published articles in reputable peer-reviewed journals. Since 2013, his focus has centered on investigating liver disease and refining surgical risk stratification methodologies, alongside analyzing outcomes associated with abdominal transplantation procedures. 

A message from Dr. Kueht: 

"Our transplant research team is dedicated to multi-disciplinary collaboration and trainee empowerment in all our projects. It’s more fun, we all learn from each other, and this approach improves the quality of the science. Teamwork makes the dream work."

Congratulations Dr. Kueht, Dr. Dongur and Ms. Koi!