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Surgery Department Video Wins an Award

May 3, 2024, 14:34 PM by John Carstens

Dr. Carmen Mora (Pediatrics), Dr. Jacqueline Meyer (NEAR), Jourdan Pea (Pediatrics), Victor Luciano (Pathology) and John Carstens (Surgery) collaborated and produced a video called, Gastrostomy Tubes, for the patients. It was awarded 2024 gold Hermes Award. 

The Hermes Creative Awards celebrate innovators in the information revolution. Winners merge imagination and technology to bring ideas to life across traditional and digital platforms. Judges evaluate top publications, branding, websites, videos, and communication programs annually. The award statue, symbolizing the ancient Greek messenger Hermes, is a sleek 'H' with intricately carved wings, representing creativity, design, and technology. Crafted by Hermes' design team and Society Awards, known for prestigious custom awards, it shares prestige with the Golden Globes, Emmy's, MTV, and others. 

The Hermes Creative Awards received over 6,500 entries from the United States, Canada, and 36 other countries. The Platinum Award recognizes entries judged as the most outstanding, with only about 16 percent achieving this honor. Winners are lauded for their exceptional quality, creativity, and resourcefulness. Meanwhile, the Gold Award is bestowed upon entries surpassing industry standards, with approximately 21 percent attaining this distinction.