Surgeons in Global Health Setting performing pediatric surgery

UTMB Embarks on Global Surgery Program

Apr 25, 2023, 16:37 PM by UTMB Surgery


At a recent Grand Rounds event for the Department of Surgery, Pediatric Surgery Chief Bindi Naik-Mathuria, MD, MPH, FACS, FAAP discussed the outcomes, benefits, and rewards of engaging in global surgery. Dr. Naik-Mathuria travels to Africa twice a year to work with local pediatric surgeons in Kenya (Mombasa) and Uganda (Kampala and Mbarara) to help babies and children with complex congenital conditions or tumors. She is often accompanied by surgery residents, nurses, or other physicians. Additionally, she participates in educating African pediatric surgery fellows, teaching new skills such as laparoscopic surgery, and helping to build capacity for pediatric surgery. During the lecture, she discussed varied levels of engagement in global surgery for guest surgeons, highlighted resource differences, and outlined paths for lasting advocacy. The Department of Surgery is proud to support our surgeons in providing leading-edge education and care worldwide. 

A message from Dr. Naik-Mathuria: 

"We are exceptionally excited to break ground on our Global Surgery program at UTMB and partner with the established Global Health program here. There is so much that our surgeons can do to bridge the equity gap in countries worldwide, and UTMB, with our focus on community-centered service, is strongly positioned to train the next generation of surgeons to contribute to global surgery in meaningful ways."

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