Drs. Arellano, Mao, and Samreen Complete Scholars in Education Program

Apr 27, 2023, 12:33 PM by UTMB Surgery

Dr. Diana Arellano, Dr. Rui-Min Mao, and Dr. Sarah Samreen recently completed the Scholars in Education Program.

This collaborative 20-month program for UTMB faculty focuses on connecting, cultivating, and inspiring our educators to be scholars, leaders, and innovators in their field of expertise. Each scholar embarks on an education-related project to develop their teaching skills and improve knowledge gathering within UTMB.

Their education-related projects were:

Dr. Arellano: “Trauma Simulation in Resident Education”

Dr. Mao: “A Comparison of Remote and In-Person Instruction for Ultrasound-Guided Procedures”

Dr. Samreen: “Video-Recorded Observed Structured Clinical Examination (VOSCE) For Evaluation of Residents Obtaining Informed Consent”

Message from Dr. Mao: 

“The Scholars in Education program was an excellent experience that provided insight into how our traditionally clinical roles can expand into research, education, and research about education. It's been valuable during my time as the LSTAR surgical simulation and education research fellow.” 


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