China summit with Dr. Klimberg

Featured in China Daily: Leading Breast Cancer Specialists Address Global Health Challenges

Jun 28, 2023, 11:21 AM by Yuan Shenggao

Dr. Klimberg attended an International Breast Cancer Summit Forum in Guangzhou to build healthcare knowledge-sharing worldwide.

Featured in China Daily Global Edition, 20 June 2023

By Yuan Shenggao

The two-day 2023 International Breast Cancer Summit Forum concluded in Guangzhou, the capital of South China’s Guangdong province, on Friday, setting up a platform for expanded international collaboration in fighting against the disease among medical experts from around the world.

The forum underscored the significance of people-to-people exchanges amid growing tensions and distrust brought about by geopolitical tensions. Organized by Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital, the event witnessed more than 300 renowned medical experts, breast cancer specialists and professionals from around the world participating online and off­line. They discussed the latest breast cancer research, diagnostic approaches, treatments, and managing the disease. Addressing the opening ceremony of the forum, Yu Xueqing, president of Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and honorary chairperson of the forum, said that the forum lays a foundation for international collaboration and is expected to spread knowledge of breast cancer among doctors.

“We are excited to see more cooperation incubated in this series of forums,” he said. “Over the past seven years, we have successfully organized the international summit forum on breast cancer seven times. We are thrilled to be hosting this international conference and are delighted to have our old acquaintances and new friends join us in person.” During the event, 15 worldwide renowned breast cancer experts came to Guangzhou from different continents. Professors from abroad included William Gradishar, Charles Balch, Amando Giuliano, Suzanne Klimberg, Ruth O’ Regan, Charles Geyer, Sara Hurvitz, Hope S. Rugo and Kevin Kalinski from the United States; Isabel T. Rubio from Spain; Tan Yah Yuen from Singapore; Cesar Cabello from Brazil; Mounir Bachouchi from Morocco; Joon Jeong from South Korea; and Hermann Raf­fael Barquero Melchor from Costa Rica. Topics covered at the event included diagnosis and treatment integration and hospital management of breast cancer; international cooperation in clinical trials; breast cancer as a global oncology issue; how to organize well a breast cancer program in China; major advances in the management of breast cancer; recent advances in neoadjuvant systemic treatment for early stage breast cancer; the new paradigm for the treatment of advanced breast cancer; recent advances in surgical management of early breast cancer; basic medical sciences; management of breast cancer globally; and recent advances in the combining and sequences for systemic therapy of advanced breast cancer. The forum’s influence and impact on breast cancer research and its benefits for the broader medical community will be profoundly felt beyond China, insiders said.

A message from Dr. Klimberg:

"This international breast cancer conference held in person and online had over 800,000 viewers signed in over the 2 day course.  This is a great example of how teleconferencing has transformed our continuing educational processes."

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Dr. Klimberg attending China Summit