Dr. Cox and Dr. Shokrzadeh Will Facilitate AVF Confluence

Aug 25, 2023, 13:44 PM by UTMB Surgery

Dr. Mitchell Cox and Dr. Christine Shokrzadeh will be facilitating the American Venous Forum (AVF) Confluence, an AVF journal club series. 

The articles of discussion will be “Venous Stent Patency is Independent of Total Stented Length in Nonthrombotic Iliac Vein and Post-Thrombotic Venous Stenoses” and “Iliac Vein Stenosis: Is the Data Strong Enough for Stenting in the Young Pelvic Venous Disorders (PeVD) Population?” 

Doctors use venous stenting to treat blocked veins. The research studied whether the length of the stent affects how well the vein stays open after treatment by following patients with vein issues in their hips and thighs to see if longer stents achieved better results. 

Iliac vein stenosis occurs when a pelvic vein gets squeezed, causing blood flow issues. Doctors use iliac vein stenting to open the vein and improve blood flow. It's used for various vein problems, including those related to chronic venous disease. Symptoms can vary, and the treatment's effectiveness isn't fully established. The review discussed the current evidence and considerations for this treatment. 

A message from Dr. Cox: 

"The AVF Confluence series brings together healthcare professionals from across the country who have a specific interest in the treatment of venous disease to discuss the latest research in the field.  The Division of Vascular Surgery at UTMB will be partnering with the American Venous Forum to facilitate this important online event.”