Time Administration

Kronos Updates

Paid Time Off Program

UTMB has transitioned to a paid time off program for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff.

For myPTO information, please visit: myPTO Program website

Important Kronos Updates

Kronos will no longer offer punching via telephone after April 1, 2024. Please work with your managers & timekeepers to utilize new clocking procedures for your area. 

Change clocking procedures information

Approval Deadlines


Biweekly Approval Deadlines

All departmental system approval in Kronos should be completed no later than 11:59 PM on the Monday following the biweekly pay period close. Please ensure that discrepancies found on the Kronos to HCM Errors Report have been corrected before approval of timecards.


System Maintenance

The System is subject to IS Maintenance between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm Sunday evenings.


Biweekly Payroll Verification Reports

Payroll Verification Reports are available by 11 AM on Pay Tuesday. If employee timecard errors are found, please submit a Historical Correction. All Historical Corrections will be processed on the next available biweekly payroll.


Biweekly Historical Correction Deadline

All Historical Corrections for any previous pay periods must be completed by Wednesday at 12 PM of the second week of the pay period end. 

Visit the Historical Corrections Website.


Monthly Historical Correction Deadline

All Historical Corrections for any previous pay periods must be completed by 5 PM the day prior to monthly payroll processing. The deadline dates can be found on the Payroll Schedule blackout date. 

Visit the Historical Corrections Website.

Getting Access to Kronos

There are three levels of access to Kronos. The decision concerning which level of access will be granted to you has been determined by your department.


Employees recording their time using a TimeClock

  • UTMB Employees are able to clock in and out shortly after they are "hired" into the system.
  • Your Badge may need to be registered in Proximity Enrollment.
  • Your Timekeeper / Manager should provide instructions on how to use the TimeClock.


Employees recording their time using a computer


Employees who are Timekeepers / Managers for their area

If you are a Timekeeper or Manager:

  • ALL Timekeepers and Managers must attend training before access is granted to edit and approve timecards. Register for the 4-hour classes.
  • Once you've attended class, your trusted requestor for your department will need to submit a Tivoli request for you to be granted access.

To access Kronos from an off-campus PC, you must be using VPN or Citrix. Learn more on the Working Remotely webpage.

Document Library

Reference documents - Kronos Timekeeper Workforce system

  • Employee Historical Edit Request Form
  • Timekeeper Pay Codes
  • Leave Request Form - For use during emergency operations only.
  • Time Adjustment Form - For use during emergency operations only.
    • All employees are responsible for checking their timecard using My Time Detail. When there is a missed clocked, use either of the documents below to send in corrections.
      Time Adjustment Form for Email - Use this document to turn in time corrections via e-mail. This document may be opened, copied in its entirety, pasted into an email, and sent via email to the timekeeper and managers.
    • Time Adjustment Form for Print - Use this document to provide a written time corrections form. This document is to be printed out, completed by the employee, and given to the manager / timekeeper.

Timekeepers / Managers who edit and approve timecards:

Changing Clocking Procedures

Clocking Procedures