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The Information Security Corner With Bob Shaffer

Beginning on September 1, 2014 all newly deployed PC’s and laptops were configured to use Dell Data Protection (DDP). This product prevents unauthorized access to any data stored on a computer if it’s ever lost or stolen. One unique feature of DDP is that it not only secures the information stored on a laptop or PC, it also password protects and encrypts information that is copied to a USB storage device.  While DDP is largely transparent in most circumstances, additional steps are required when accessing files copied to USB devices from PC’s and laptops that were deployed prior to September 1, 2014, or from PC’s that are not owned or supported by UTMB.

Over the last few months, a number of incidents which involved the inability to access encrypted files on USB storage devices have been reported to Information Security.  A review of the incidents concluded that personnel were not adequately informed of the procedures associated with USB file encryption.   In an effort to minimize USB encryption issues and educate users, The Office of Information Security has developed a concise set of procedures for accessing files located on a USB storage device.

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Robert V. Shaffer Jr.
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