The Office of Technology Transfer is committed to facilitate the formation of start-up companies based on UTMB technology. The following start-up companies were formed around technology licensed from UTMB.

Chrysalis BioTechnology, Inc.

Chrysalis BioTechnology, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing new therapeutics to accelerate the healing of hard and soft tissue. The Company's lead product, Chrysalin®, is currently in Phase III human clinical for bone fracture healing, and Phase II trials for chronic diabetic ulcers.

RedStorm Scientific

RedStorm Scientific is a statistical and structural proteomics company that utilizes proprietary Computational techniques to assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in significantly reducing drug development time and costs by streamlining the therapeutic design process.


RHT is a research and development-based company that is applying recently discovered technology to the diagnosis and treatments of women's health concerns.

AptaMed, Inc.

AptaMed, Inc. is a biotechnology company in Galveston, Texas that has licensed proprietary thioselection and phosphorothioate-modified oligonucleotide thioaptamer TM technology from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). The thioaptamer technology at UTMB was originally developed by Prof. David Gorenstein of UTMB. These efforts have been extensively expanded by DARPA, DHS and NIAID funding and are focused on phosphoromonothioate and phosphorodithioate oligonucleotide "thioaptamers" targeting a wide range of biomolecules. Several of the thioaptamers are currently in pre-clinical development as therepeutics for infectious diseases such as West Nile virus and arenavirus hemorrhagic fevers. AptaMed has also developed proprietary technology for high-throughput screening of bead-based combinatorial libraries of thioaptamers. This technology is being used with Ciphergen's SELDI MS technology to identify proteins bound to the thioaptamers and to develop new thioaptamer arrays for proteomic diagnostics.

Aquatic Feed & Filter

A F & F has developed technology utilized in marine hatchery environments. Their capability extends to enhancing and accelerating the growth rate and size of nutritional marine organisms. This company is also active in the design and construction of recirculating aquaculture systems.

Cytomics Technologies

Cytomics Technologies, a multidisciplinary high technology R&D product start up company focusing on three core technology areas:

  • High-throughput flow/image cytometry technologies
  • Advanced data analysis and data mining software
  • Bio/nano sensor technology for biomedical applications, including nanomedicine