Training is a key part of meeting our objective to educate end users on the Procure-to-Pay process. Other training/resources available pertain to Expense Reimbursements.

The Procure-to-Pay process includes all functions related to the initial request for goods or services, the creation of the Purchase Order for those goods/services, the receipt of those goods/services, and the ultimate payment for the goods/services.

The Administrative Systems Training website provides mechanisms to obtain the proper training or access user-friendly resources needed for users to learn the PeopleSoft system(s) related to UTMB's Procure-to-Pay process as well as Expense Reimbursements, including:

  • Use of the e-Pro module to enter requisitions, perform receipts and monitor progress of Purchase Orders
  • Use of the Accounts Payable module to enter Non-PO vouchers for those goods/services that cannot be paid through Purchase Orders (see AP web information regarding what can/cannot be paid via Non-PO vouchers)
  • Use of Expense module to enter Travel Authorizations as well as create Expense Reimbursement requests

Access to these PeopleSoft modules is gained through a Tivoli submission by your departmental Trusted Requestor and cannot be granted until such time as you have attended required PeopleSoft training for the appropriate module.

Schedule training for PeopleSoft FMS modules, review/use the self-guided online training, and view job aids.