The Fellowship Experience Administrative Fellowship

The UTMB fellowship is a 12-month fellowship that begins in the summer. The majority of the fellowship is divided into rotations, various committee and group meetings, and projects. The fellow meets biweekly with the preceptor to discuss valuable experience opportunities that will shape the fellow's career. The program sponsor meets weekly with the fellow to provide necessary support for projects and rotations. In addition, the fellow is considered a part of the executive team, attending and expected to contribute to weekly meetings as well as having an office centrally located in the administrative suite.

Jennie Sealy Hospital on Galveston Island


UTMB seeks individuals who desire the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they learned from their education in real-life situations. The UTMB Administrative Fellowship focuses on projects in order to optimize the fellow's experience. The administrative fellow is considered a important member of the administrative team, and is not only offered the chance, but is expected to make contributions that have a positive effect on the organization. Past projects have included:

  • Strategic planning for legislative changes, including Accountable Care Organizations and Patient-Centered Medical Homes
  • Development of health system scorecards and dashboards
  • Revenue enhancement projects
  • Contract negotiations
  • Support service improvement planning
  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • Strategic prioritization
  • Facility planning
  • Interim management


Rotations occur throughout the fellowship. The fellow works with members of the executive team to design rotations that fit their schedule and conforms to the fellow's interests and expectations. The following are examples of rotations that UTMB may offer:

  • Perioperative, including standing in on a surgical procedure
  • Correctional Managed Care rotation, including visits to Hospital Galveston and Huntsville Prison
  • Human Resources
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory, including standing in on an autopsy
  • Nursing unit rotations
  • Clinic rotations, including Victory Lakes Surgical Center
  • Others


The fellow will be offered the chance to travel to two conferences throughout the year, including ACHE Congress. Other opportunities may arise that an executive team member will sponsor the fellow to go to additional conferences or meetings when they relate to projects in which the fellow is participating.

workflow mapping the new Jennie Sealy Hospital
Workflow mapping the new Jennie Sealy Hospital

Rounding with CMC in Huntsville
Rounding with Correctional Managed Care at the Walls Unit in Huntsville

Rehearsing the transportation of patients
Rehearsing the transportation of patients from John Sealy Hospital to the new Jennie Sealy Hospital, which opened on April 9, 2016

View of Galveston and UTMB Campus

View of Galveston and UTMB Campus