Rinat O. Esenaliev, PhD Professor

Rinat O. Esenaliev, PhD Department of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, & Anatomy
Director, Laboratory for Optoacoustic Imaging and Monitoring
Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences Group
4.410C Research Building 21 | Route: 1156 | Tel: 409-772-8144 | riesenal@utmb.edu

Affiliations: Department of Anesthesiology, UTMB Cancer Center


Education and Training

PhD in Applied Biophysics, Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences
MS in Applied Biophysics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
BS in Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Research Interests

Dr. Esenaliev's research is in the field of bioengineering and biophysics.  The main focus of his research is in novel applications of biophotonic technology for imaging, tomography, and continuous monitoring of multiple important physiological parameters and for non-invasive, efficient therapy of cancer and infectious diseases.  Dr. Esenaliev is an inventor of optoacoustic/photoacoustic imaging and tomography. He is developing optoacoustic technique, optical coherence tomography, and ultrasound for high-resolution molecular and structural imaging.  His research interests include novel approaches to therapy of cancer and infectious diseases based on interaction of electromagnetic or ultrasound radiation with tissues and cells (in the presence or absence of nanoparticles). Successful development of these techniques will substantially improve treatment of acute life-threatening illnesses, cancer, and infectious diseases.

Major Inventions and Research Interests: 1.) Novel diagnostic imaging modality: Optoacoustic/Photoacoustic Imaging and Tomography. 2.) Nanoparticle-based therapy of tumors and drug delivery in tumors using laser, radiofrequency, microwave, or ultrasound radiation. 3.) Inactivation of bacteria and viruses using laser, radiofrequency, microwave, or ultrasound radiation. 4.) Noninvasive, continuous monitoring of blood oxygenation including cerebral and central venous oxygenation. 5.) Noninvasive monitoring of physiologic variables with Optical Coherence Tomography.

Selected Honors and Awards:

UT System Chancellor’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award for “Multiple Therapeutic and Diagnostic Methods and Devices”
Fellow of The Optical Society of America (OSA)
Fellow of The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
PI and co-PI in 33 (cumulative) grants and contracts 

Conference presentations: 266 including plenary and invited lectures.

Publications (Selected from a total of 195 papers, book chapters, and patents):

1. Petrov I.Y., Petrov Y., Prough D.S., Cicenaite I., Deyo D.J., Esenaliev R.O. Optoacoustic monitoring of cerebral venous blood oxygenation through intact scalp in large animals. Optics Express, v.20(4), pp. 4159-4167, 2012.

2. Figueiredo M., Esenaliev R.O. PLGA nanoparticles for ultrasound-mediated gene delivery to solid tumors. Journal of Drug Delivery. Special Issue “Nanoparticles for targeted delivery of active agents against tumor cells”, v. 2012, 767839, pp. 1-20, 2012.

3. Prough D.S., Esenaliev R.O. Monitoring the brain to save the kidneys. Critical Care Medicine. v. 41(2), pp.671-672, 2013.

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11. Melentiev P.N. Son L.V., Kudryavtsev D.S., Kasheverov I.E., Tsetlin V.I., Esenaliev R.O., Balykin V.I. Ultrafast, Ultrasensitive Detection and Imaging of Single Cardiac Troponin-T Molecules. American Chemical Society Sensors. 2020. doi: 10.1021/acssensors.0c01790. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33124416.

12. Perkov S.A., Gorin D.A., Esenaliev R.O. Optoacoustic Monitoring of Water Content in Tissue Phantoms and Human Skin. Journal of Biophotonics. 2020; doi: 10.1002/jbio.202000363

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