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Research Expertise
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Research Expertise



Brain & Spinal Cord SlicesLi-Yen Mae Huang, Eliseo Eugenin, Shelly Buffington
Single Molecule BiophysicsAndres Oberhauser, Eliseo Eugenin
Neuroinfectious DiseasePing Wu, Gracie Vargas, Eliseo Eugenin, Brendan Prideaux
Stem CellsPing Wu
Transgenic MiceLisa Elferink, Ping Wu, Eliseo Eugenin, Qing Yang
Rodent CNS Injury & PainJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Bo Chen, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Research Methodology
Fluorescence SpectroscopyAndres Oberhauser, Gracie Vargas, Eliseo Eugenin
HPLC/FPLCJavier Navarro, Andres Oberhauser
Patch Clamping/ElectrophysiologyJin Mo Chung, Owen Hamill, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Eliseo Eugenin, Shelly Buffington, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Single Cell Recording In vivoJin Mo Chung, Shelly Buffington, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
Metabolomics and Lipidomics/Mass SpectrometryBrendan Prideaux
Rodent BehaviorJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Shelly Buffington, Qing Yang
X-ray CrystallographyJavier Navarro
RNA Seq/Next Generation SequencingLisa Elferink, Ping Wu, Qing Yang
Atomic ForceAndres Oberhauser
ConfocalJin Mo Chung, Li-Yen Mae Huang, Ping Wu, Lisa Elferink, Gracie Vargas, Bi-Hung Peng, Eliseo Eugenin, Jun-Ho La, Qing Yang
MultiphotonGracie Vargas
FluorescenceJin Mo Chung, Lisa Elferink, Gracie Vargas, Ping Wu, Andres Oberhauser, Eliseo Eugenin, Qing Yang
Second Harmonic Generation (SHGM)Gracie Vargas