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2018-2019 NCBA Departmental Seminar Series Unless otherwise noted, all Seminars are at noon in the Basic Science Auditorium,
Room 2.212, Basic Science Building

Dr. Lena Al-Harthi, Rush Medical College.
Title: "Shifting Paradigms, Challenges and Outstanding Question in the Role of Astrocytes in HIV Latency and Neuropathogenesis"
10/10/18Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Howard. S. Fox, University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Title: "Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease: Disorders with Common Effects on Synaptic Mitochondria"
10/17/18Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Brian Cummings, University of California.
Title: "Human Neural Stem Cell Therapies for Traumatic Brain Injury - When is Enough Enough?"
11/28/18Dr. Qing Yang
Dr. Eliana Scemes, New York Medical College
Title: "Astrocyre and Neuronal Pannexin1 Contribute Distinctly to Seizures and Pain"
12/5/18Dr. Lin-Yen Mae Huang
Dr. Marcus Kaul, University of California.
Title: "Promotion versus Restriction of NeuroHIV: Effects of Host Factors and Psychostimulants"
1/16/19Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Hongjun Song, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
Title: "Single-Cell Analysis of Neural Stem Cells and Neurogenesis"
2/13/19Dr. Ping Wu
Dr. Man-Kyo Chung, University of Maryland.
Title: "Yin and Yang of Capsaicin Receptor TRPV1 in Pain"
3/6/19Dr. Shao-Jun Tang
Dr. Shrikant Anant, Kansas Mason Cancer Research Institute, University of Kansas Medical Center.
Title: "Cancer Stem Cells – A Queen Bee to Target"
4/3/19Dr. Pomila Singh
Dr. Kathleen Sluka, University of Iowa.
Title: "Does exercise increase or decrease pain? Underlying mechanisms and clinical implications"
4/11/19Dr. Jin Mo Chung
Dr. Axel Nimmerjahn, Salk Institute for Biological Studies.
Title: "How do glial cells control CNS function?"

Dr. Shao-Jun Tang

Dr. Junfang Gu, University of Maryland School of Medicine.
Title: "Risk of Dementia/Depression and Associated Inflammatory Mechanisms in Spinal Cord Injury"
4/3/19Dr. Pomila Singh