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2020-2021 NCBA Departmental Seminar Series All Seminars via Zoom


Dr. Shahid Umar, Professor of Surgery and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Surgery, University of Kansas Medical Center

Title:  “Tuft Cells: New Players in Colitis”

08/12/20Dr. Pomila Singh

Dr. Jaclyn Schwarz, Associate Professor, University of Delaware


Title: “Impact of early-life immune activation on the ontogeny of hippocampal-dependent learning and memory”

12/16/20Dr. Shelly Buffington

Dr. Pamela Bhatti, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech

Title: “Printed and Thin-Film Devices for Enhanced Intracochlear Stimulation”

02/03/21Dr. Owen Hamill

Prof. Tim Levine, Professor of Cell Biology, Institute of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Brain Sciences, University College London 

Title: “Solving the unknome to study how coronavirus infects human cells”

03/10/21Dr. Eliseo Eugenin

Dr. Hui-Lin Pan, Professor of Anesthesiology & Deputy Division Head for Research, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Title: “α2δ-1–NMDA Receptor Coupling and Its Therapeutic Implications”

03/31/21Dr. Qing Yang

Dr. Rosemarie Booze, Professor and Bicentennial Endowed Chair of Behavioral Neuroscience, University of South Carolina

Title: “Post-acute sequelae of HIV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 in the CNS”

04/14/21Dr. Shao-Jun Tang