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UTMB's Treasury Services department is responsible for the management and coordination of UTMB's banking relationships, cash operations, endowment accounting, and debt and investment management. These responsibilities include all banking services, credit card services, cash management and debt financing. Central management of these services allows consistency in service applications, disaster recovery and opportunities for better controls.

Security of credit card information is of great concern, and you are encouraged to read Protecting the Security of Credit Card Information.

Our goal is to provide UTMB with high-quality, cost-efficient business solutions for all business needs.

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UTMB Finance - Treasury Services

Phone: (409) 747-7207
Fax: (409) 747-7241

UTMB Finance - Bursar's / Cash Office

Phone: (409) 772-2503

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Treasury Services

Treasury: Services

  • Banking Relationship Management
    • Management of all UTMB subsidiary and related entity bank accounts
    • Compiling, issuing and evaluating all Requests for Proposal with regards to any and all banking and cash operations services
  • Protecting the Security of Credit Card Information

    In light of the frequent reports in the news of security breaches involving credit card information, this is an opportune time to review department/clinic responsibilities for protecting the security of its patients/customers.

    Treasury Services would like to remind all departments/clinics (credit card merchants) that accept payments via credit cards, of your security responsibilities. Credit card information must not be stored anywhere, including servers, laptops, external disks, or any other electronic manner unless specifically authorized by Treasury Services. Each UTMB department is responsible for any losses due to poor internal controls. Your general obligations and responsibilities include:

    1. The Merchant or any agent of the Merchant shall not retain or store magnetic strip data subsequent to the authorization of the sales transaction.
    2. The Merchant shall not disclose a Cardholder's account information or any other personal information to third parties other than to the Merchant's agent for the sole purpose of assisting such Merchant in completing the transaction or as specifically required by law. Suspicious requests for account information should be reported immediately to Merchant's designated account manager at Bank or to Bank's client services agreement.

    Treasury Services is responsible for the coordination of all E-commerce and credit card acceptance throughout UTMB. If your department/clinic is accepting credit cards, you must be registered with Treasury Services. Departments/clinics are required to report any security breaches or suspected breaches to Treasury.

    Please make sure that all employees involved in the administration or system support of credit cards are following these policies. Also, please feel free to contact Treasury Services at (409) 772-6619 or email with any questions.

    Additional References:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

    A standard created by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover to enhance global payment account data security. PCI DSS compliance is mandatory for all UTMB merchants.

    PCI Security Standards

    PCI Homepage -

  • Cash Handling Training

    All departmental/clinical staff members working for UTMB who handle cash are required to successfully complete the Treasury cash handling training. Training is required within 30 days of being hired by UTMB into a cash handling role. When training has been successfully completed, a certificate will be presented to participant. Training is required biannually.

    Treasury's cash handling training is available as an online course through UTMB Learn:

  • Fund Movement

    To establish the daily cash position of UTMB, Treasury Services has the following responsibilities with regards to fund movement between and among bank accounts maintained by the university:

    • Oversight and management of all transfer of funds originated on behalf of UTMB for general business purposes
    • Appropriately funding disbursement accounts for UTMB obligations
    • Moving depository funds for investment purposes
  • Debt Management

    Treasury Services has the following responsibilities for UTMB debt management activity:

    • Monitors the debt structure of UTMB and financing conditions in the capital markets
    • Coordinates compliance for all UTMB debt issues
    • Organizes payment of debt service for commercial paper and RFS debt instruments
    • Participates in the financing and funding of capital projects
    • Manages the debt service forecast for distribution to UTMB and U.T. System leadership
    • Manages the accounting for Commercial Paper, RFS and TRB debt service
  • Debt Financing

    U.T. System Debt Overview

    • UT System borrows on behalf of UTMB to finance construction cash flows or the acquisition of capital assets related to projects

    • All debt is issued in the name of the Board of Regents and issued centrally on behalf of the UT System institutions through the Office of Finance

    • The Board of Regents approves a project to be added to the CIP and for final approval. Projects must be approved by the Regents if they are new capital projects or renovation projects in excess of $4 million or to be funded in whole or in part by debt regardless of the amount
    • UT System can issue debt under three programs:
      • Revenue Financing System ("RFS")
      • Permanent University Fund ("PUF")
      • Higher Education Assistance Fund ("HEAF")
    • Commercial Paper and Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRB) are issued under the RFS program but are secured by the same pledge. TRB's are secured by the same pledge of all legally available revenues of the System; however the expectation is that the State will reimburse TRB debt service with general revenue
    • The Revenue Financing System (RFS) is a cost-effective debt program secured by a system-wide pledge of all legally available revenues for debt issued on behalf of all 15 institutions and System Administration
  • Credit Card Merchant Services

    The department of Treasury has the following responsibilities with regards to the acceptance of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) on UTMB campus:

    • Answering any questions concerning accepting credit cards by various departments/clinics and schools at UTMB
    • Issuing and maintaining all equipment necessary to accept credit cards at UTMB
    • Serves as the first point of contact for any credit card inquiry for UTMB

    Becoming a Credit Card Accepting Merchant

    These documents are to be returned to:

    Treasury Services
    Rte. 0999
    Fax: (409) 747-7241

    It will take approximately three weeks for Merchant numbers to be requested/set up and to obtain the equipment as needed. Training sessions for you and your staff with Treasury will then be scheduled if desired.

    Equipment & Supplies

    If you experience problems with equipment, please contact Treasury Services. The problem will be assessed and a replacement terminal will be issued, if necessary. Malfunctioning equipment must be returned to Treasury. Signage (Visa/MC, Discover, AMEX logo stickers are also available.

    Supplies such as thermal receipt paper and replacement ink ribbon cartridges should be requested through the Deposit Office. Please call (409) 772-2503.

    Credit Card Transaction Processing

    Please note that the credit card terminals must be settled daily, at the close of business. This ensures your department/clinic is assessed the least amount of fees from each credit card company.

    Additionally, Visa and MasterCard rules require that you retain legible copies of all sales drafts for up to 18 months in order to satisfy any disputes/chargebacks. After the 18 month period is up, you should shred the sales drafts in order to protect card holder information.

    Other References:

Bursar's / Cash Office

Treasury: Bursar's / Cash Office

  • Contact

    Open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Phone: (409) 772-2503

    The office is located at:
    Rebecca Sealy Building, Room 2.758 (second floor)
    404 8th Street
    Galveston, Texas 77555

  • Types of Payments Received
    • Student Tuition and Fees
    • Patient Service Payments
    • Cash Processing for all UTMB Campuses and Clinic Locations
    • Payroll Benefits/Leave of Absence (LOA) Payments
    • UTMB Badge and Key Payments
    • Scrub Payments
  • Other Services
    • Provide UTMB Tax Exempt Forms
    • Provide UTMB Sam's Club Membership Cards (for work-related purchases)
    • Issue ClinCards
    • Process Departmental Deposits, Checks, and Payment Pick-Up
    • Patient Belongings

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