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Asset Management (AM) is responsible for accurately tracking and reporting UTMB's investments in capital assets. Our responsibilities include maintaining a centralized asset database, reconciling capital expenditures monthly, and conducting an annual physical inventory with the assistance of our Asset Custodians and Managers. Additionally, our office is responsible for processing internal and external asset transfers, and educating and advising the UTMB community on a broad range of equipment issues. We also coordinate with UTMB Logistics for tagging new acquisitions, and recycling and disposing surplus property.

The AM Team is committed to providing quality service to our departments, while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of UTMB's substantial investments in capital assets.


UTMB Finance - Asset Management
400 Harborside - Route 0910
Galveston, TX 77555-0910

PHONE: 409-747-7250
FAX: 409-747-7241.


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