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Asset Management

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Listed below are the eForms available from Asset Management. To access the forms, click on the link which will then require you to sign in using your username and password. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ALSO DOWNLOAD THE TUTORIAL THAT ACCOMPANIES THE CORRESPONDING EFORM.

***NOTE*** Surplus eForms are maintained by the Logistics department, not Asset Management. Please visit the Logistics home page on the UTMB intranet for Surplus eForms.


Departmental Maintenance

Asset Custodian/Manager - Add, delete, or replace an asset custodian or manager for a department. (Click for tutorial)


Asset Scanning and Accountability

Inventory Scanner Reservation - Request an inventory scanner from Asset Management. (Click for tutorial)

Equipment Loan Agreement - Initiate, renew or return loaned UTMB equipment. (Click for tutorial)

Unscannable/Untaggable Asset Inventory - Account for unscannable or untaggable assets. (Click for tutorial)

Unscannable Asset Inventory Excel Spreadsheet - Unscannable spreadsheet attachment (required for Unscannable/Untaggable eForm above).

Asset Tag Request/Information Change - Request replacement tag for missing/damaged tags, and revise asset description and serial number. (Click for tutorial)

Departmental Inventory Sign-Off - REQUIRED: verify accounting percentage of represented departments, including reasons for unaccounted assets. (Click for tutorial)

Unaccounted Asset Excel Spreadsheet - Unaccounted Asset spreadsheet attachment (required for Departmental Inventory Sign-Off eForm above).


Asset Dispositions and Transfers

Interdepartmental Transfer Request (IDR) Instructions - Guidance for transferring an asset to another UTMB department through PeopleSoft.

Equipment Disposition, Federally funded - Dispose an asset that was FEDERALLY funded. (Click for tutorial)

Equipment Disposition, Non-Federally funded - Dispose an asset that was NON-FEDERALLY funded. (Click for tutorial)

Transfer of Equipment, Federally funded - interagency transfer of FEDERALLY funded assets to another Texas agency. (Click for tutorial)

Transfer of Equipment, Non-federally funded - interagency transfer of NON-FEDERALLY funded assets to another Texas agency. (Click for tutorial)


Access to discontinued eForms site (archival only, new requests disabled): ASSET MANAGEMENT E-FORMS

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