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  • We pay approximately 12,000 employees each month and over 95% participate in direct deposit.
  • Biweekly payroll is created every other Tuesday and paid every other Friday.
  • Monthly payroll is created ten to fifteen days prior to the end of the month depending on how the days fall in the month and is paid on the first working day of each month.
  • There is a Finance - Payroll Services Representative assigned to each department and they are available for consultations regarding payroll and Kronos transactions.
  • Employees with questions regarding recorded and paid time should work with thier manager, who will contact Payroll Services if required.
  • Finance - Payroll Services - Processing Center is located at 1902 Harborside Drive.

Distribution of Payroll

  • The safest, fastest and most convenient way to receive your payroll check is to sign up for direct deposit.
  • Employees choosing to have a printed check will receive their check via the US Mail. Biweekly paid employees' checks will be mailed on Wednesday of Pay Week and monthly paid employees will receive checks in the mail prior to the first day of the month. Using Employee Self Service, please validate that we have your correct home address, as this is the address used for the purpose of mailing checks.
  • All employees may view their check on line using Employee Self Service and may print out the PDF version of the check(s) from this page.

Direct Deposit Changes

  • Why Direct Deposit?:
    • CONTROL - Using Employee Self Service employees may make on line changes to their own direct deposit forms. No paper work involved!
    • MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS - Employees are allowed to establish up to 4 different accounts in which to deposit their paycheck.
    • CONVENIENCE - No more long bank lines on payday.
    • SECURITY - During disaster situations, employees would be assured their money is deposited safely into their account(s). There is no need to worry about lost, stolen, forged, or damaged checks.
    • SPEED - Your pay is deposited on the actual payday. All financial institutions differ in deposit procedures. Please check with your financial institution to confirm their process.
    • EXPANDED RANGE - Direct Deposit is also available for out of state financial institutions.

If an employee wishes to submit a paper direct deposit form, they may visit the Payroll Services Forms page to print the form, sign it and attach a voided check (not a deposit slip) and mail via campus mail to:

  • Payroll Services RT 0921

or via US Mail to:

  • UTMB Payroll Services
  • Route 0921
  • 301 University Boulevard
  • Galveston TX 77555-0921

Income Tax Withholding Forms

  • Using Employee Self Service employees may make changes to their own W-4 form on line.
  • W-4 Changes must be completed prior to the payroll run date in order to take effect on the next check.
  • If an employee wishes to submit an original W-4 via paper, the form is located on the Payroll Services Forms Page. Please complete and sign the form, then mail via campus mail to:
    • Payroll Services RT 092

or via US Mail to:

    • UTMB Payroll Services
    • Route 0921
    • 301 University Boulevard
    • Galveston TX 77555-0921

NOTE: The Payroll Services staff is not permitted to give tax advice, please consult with your personal tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service.

  • A form W-4 indicating the employee is claiming EXEMPT may be forwarded to the IRS for verification according to IRS guidelines.
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