About Basic Biomedical Science Curriculum (BBSC)

The First-Year Graduate Studies in Basic Biomedical Science offers an extraordinary graduate experience that furnishes a strong foundation and breadth of biomedical concepts. The Basic Biomedical Science Curriculum (BBSC) is a specially designed first-year integrated curriculum for students wishing to pursue their doctoral research training in any of the following graduate programs at UTMB:

The BBSC provides a desirable environment for collaborative interactions with almost 300 nationally and internationally renowned graduate faculty across multi-disciplinary research areas. The BBSC is composed of foundational courses (Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Biostatistics, Big Data, and Responsible Conduct in Biomedical Research) and a series of 8-week laboratory rotations. Additional available activities include regular seminars and specialized courses.

Students selected for graduate assistantships receive an initial salary of $31,500 paid tuition and fees, and health insurance coverage. Dental insurance is also available for a small charge. Graduate assistantships are only available to US citizens and permanent residents (green card holders). Students entering without financial support are not guaranteed support in subsequent years.