Provided below are biographies for GSBS alumni representing a variety of careers available to those with biomedical sciences training and education. Trainees are invited to review the biographies and contact alumni from the career fields in which they are interested. Alumni are a valuable resource for mentoring and advice on career development. For alumni who are interested in adding their biography, please select this email link.

Quick Connect Biographies

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Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Carla Kantara

  • Scott Moncrief

  • Andrew Russo

  • Payal Sheth

  • Marty Wasserman


Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Ashley Grant

  • Mary Guinan

  • Shannon Langford

  • Christine Livingston

  • Sara Woodson

Non-Governmental Organizations/Non-Profit

Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Rob Buschmann

  • Ashley Grant

  • Julie Kutac


Alumni Connect Biographies

  • KarryAnne Belanger

  • Heather Lander

  • Layvana Rajagopalan

Entrepreneurship/Business Management/Consulting

Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Dana Buschmann

  • Romulo de Castro

  • Elizabeth Jaworski

  • Samantha Nava

  • Geraldine Schott

  • Efrain Siller


Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Michelle Edwards

  • Vicente Santa Cruz

  • Christof Straub

  • Kenneth Carter

    Kenneth Carter
  • Darrell H. Carney

    Darrell H. Carney, PhD


Alumni Connect Biographies

  • Karen Alexander

  • Jeremy Bechelli

  • Robert P. Clayton

  • Julianna Dean

  • Paul J. Laurienti

  • Scott Wesley Long

  • Heather Stevenson-Lerner

  • Trevor Brasel

    Brasel, Trevor