Postdoctoral Researcher Certificate Program

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) is committed to fostering the growth of postdoctoral researchers at UTMB through the Postdoctoral Certificate Program. Acknowledging the critical role of postdoctoral training in career development, the program was designed to offer extensive support throughout this pivotal phase. With a range of courses and resources, the program aims to enhance both the professional skills and career prospects of postdoctoral researchers. 

As mandated by the Provost, in the first year of training at UTMB, all postdoctoral researchers must enroll in the Professional and Scientific Skills certificate, with all associated tuition and fees covered by the GSBS. Click here or below for detailed information regarding its requirements

Upon completion of the Professional and Scientific Skills certificate, postdoctoral researchers have the option to enroll in other program certificates, each tailored to meet specific career 

Currently, there are five (5) certificates available to postdoctoral researchers:


Each certificate encompasses required courses, prescribed electives that focus on communication skills, and a variety of specialized additional electives, promoting individualized career preparation. Flexible course scheduling allows participants to manage their time effectively, with many courses offered online or scheduled at times to minimize conflicts with laboratory commitments.

Upon successful completion of the required coursework, postdoctoral researchers have the autonomy to request the issuance of their certificate formally. Notably, grades are recorded on an official transcript, affirming their academic achievements. This process not only grants participants control over the timing of certification but also presents them the opportunity to enroll in additional certificate tracks should they seek to augment their skills further. Such a structured yet flexible approach empowers participants to navigate their postdoctoral journey with confidence. By providing this level of agency, postdoctoral researchers can integrate their learning and research responsibilities, ensuring an enriching professional development experience.