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Our Mission

Hispanic Center of Excellence Mission

The mission of the Hispanic Center of Excellence is to promote excellence in healthcare for the people of Texas. We recruit and mentor a diverse population from across Texas into medical school and help to provide the resources and support to graduate linguistically appropriate, culturally competent bilingual physicians to better serve the healthcare needs of all Texans.

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Our Goals

Recruit and mentor students into medical school that reflect the population of Texas.

Develop, educate, and foster the linguistic and cultural growth of medical students (as it pertains to the practice of medicine) to better serve the needs of all Texans.

Support and mentor a diverse (medical/healthcare) faculty, particularly junior faculty, in order to provide our students with mentors that mirror the student population and the population of Texas.

Disseminate, educate, and support Hispanic health news, education, and research.

The University of Texas Medical Branch has a proud tradition of excellence in teaching, scholarly research, curricular innovation and in meeting the healthcare needs of the State of Texas. As director of the Hispanic Center of Excellence, my primary objective is to provide faculty and students with future opportunities in career advancement, research, clinical practice, mentorship, counseling, and pre-medical academic enrichment programs to promising students. The HCOE's history in UTMB dates back to 1992, through federal funding by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.