Bilingual Health Scholarly ConcentrationEducating and Graduating Culturally Competent Bilingual Physicians

Students walking on the beach

The Bilingual Health Scholarly Concentration introduces medical students to Spanish clinical experiences and medical knowledge across the four years of medical school. It is one-of-a-kind because it offers the students the opportunity to explore the community more in depth in a bilingual setting and emphasizes cultural competency in Hispanic health.

The student may pursue the Bilingual Health Scholarly Concentration alone or share two credits from the partnered Scholarly Concentrations listed below under Curriculum.

Students graduate with:

  • Experience utilizing medical Spanish terminology in patience education and care
  • Culturally competent in Hispanic health
  • Certificate of completion and verbal recognition at the time of commencement

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Important Information about PBL HABLE

PBL HABLE requires intermediate-advanced Spanish.
Dr. Pérez will schedule an oral evaluation with each person that completes
the application and requests to be in PBL HABLE.
Places are filled on a first come, first served basis.