Many UTMB employees now have a safer time crossing the street, thanks to a message sent to the UTMB Employee Advisory Council (EAC).

Dr. Irene Petrov, a senior research associate with the Center for Biomedical Engineering, recently submitted a concern through the EAC’s blog regarding a dangerous crosswalk behind Building 21 on Sixth Street.

Due to the construction of the new Jennie Sealy Hospital, anyone walking south from Harborside Drive has to cross the street at that location. However, the crosswalk markings on the road had worn away and very few drivers slowed down or stopped to let pedestrians cross, making the walk across campus difficult and dangerous.

The EAC submitted the concern to UTMB’s Business Operations and Facilities team, who immediately took action.

Speed bumps are now in place in both directions at that intersection to warn drivers to slow down for pedestrians.

“I’m glad this was brought to our attention. The speed bumps were much needed,” said Mark Madera, Construction Operations manager for UTMB. “We even had people coming up to thank us while we were installing this new safety feature.”

Dale Mathew, a carpenter who helped install the speed bumps added, “It’s satisfying to provide services like these to our UTMB community. We want to help keep employees as safe as possible.

If you have any concerns or questions that you would like to be addressed by the Employee Advisory Council, please submit a form online by clicking here.

From left to right: Dale Mathew, Mark Madera, Mary Ann Hellinghausen, Glenn Owens, Irene Petrov, Frank Alderman.